Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Admitting it may be a bit difficult, but we spend a lot of our lives in the bathroom. According to one survey, we spend an average of over 182 hours per year in the bathroom. This being the case, it is important to make this an area we are comfortable in. At Holladay Construction, our licensed, insured, and certified professionals are dedicated to bringing North Carolinians peace of mind. Excelling in waterproofing along with our construction work, bathroom renovations are often an easy task for us. Below are a few jobs we can conduct in your restroom.

renovated bathroom with black accents and a large shower


If you are unsatisfied with your current bath and shower set-up, we can install a new design that pops. For instance, if you have no use for your tub, you can renovate your bathroom with a walk-in shower. Unpleased with the pressure generated from your shower head? We can implement a replacement that is more powerful so you wash yourself the way you want.

Close up of a sink with granite a countertop and gold trim


Essential to all restrooms and serving you in an abundance of situations is the sink. If your sink is not functioning, our high-quality service can supply you with the perfect solution to your troubles. With our consultation, we can provide you with replacement sink options that will look sublime in your newly renovated bathroom.

Beautiful new flooring in a modern bathroom


For a bathroom remodel to be truly impactful, a renovated floor is essential. Not only does fresh flooring stand out visually, it also can be a long-lasting solution to any deterioration that may be caused by water damage and slipping hazards from surrounding utilities. With a beautiful selection of flooring options, Holladay Builders gives you the chance to make your restroom attractive and durable.

newly renovated bathroom


Toilets are synonymous with bathrooms, so we place an emphasis on delivering the best solution to any toilet remodeling concerns. While fitting with the aesthetic of your restroom, we can supply you with options that are more resistant to mold and mildew or we can offer you low-flow utilities that are more efficient.

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Quietly, bathrooms are a big part of our lives. With the assistance of our professional builders, Holladay Construction can make your North Carolina restroom a place you feel comfortable and at ease in. For more information about our bathroom renovations and other services, contact us today!